Our team

Meet the team

Adis Mustabašić, CEO

over 20 years of experience in the IT sector. Passionate IT expert, especially in the area where business and technology intertwine. He gained experience working in the real sector, as a consultant, and lecturer, but also in associations that aim to promote business in B&H, especially in the area of exporting consulting services.

However, he found the greatest satisfaction in analyzing business performances. With his knowledge and experience, he helps company owners/decision makers to understand their business and learn from their own experiences and data, giving them insight into the benefits that predictive analysis brings

Alma Mačković, Project Manager

Alma is one of the first members of our team. In addition to helping us maintain a balance in the "gender" division, with her creative approach to data-based work, she gives a human touch, enabling both, colleagues and clients, to understand the context and put the data into real perspective. She has a bachelor's degree in economics, and the enthusiasm with which she does her work is simply contagious to everyone who is near her.


We expand the horizons of our esteemed clients towards new horizons and opportunities. Through strategic data management, we open up possibilities to elevate their businesses to unprecedented heights.

Adis Prijić, Lead Consultant

Graduated in electrical engineering, and built an enviable career working in the real sector. He took his first professional steps at Natron Hayat, where he held various positions related to IT, automation, and new work systems.

Adis is a perfect combination of business and technology, whether it is the implementation of business information systems, issues of IT security, infrastructure, networks, or defining business processes. In addition to knowledge of technologies related to user systems and ERP systems, he has valuable knowledge in the field of Document Management systems, which enables our partners to raise the implementation of our platforms to the highest possible level.

Amir Mustabašić, Accounting Consultant

Our colleague Amir is a member of the team responsible for making sure that the finances on both sides of the cash flow match. His experience in the real sector gives him an excellent insight into the real problems, perspectives, and chances of our partners. At the same time, it combines strict standards of accounting and financial management with the digital world, optimization, and new technologies. Amir has all the necessary certificates to complete his formal education. He has enviable experience in the implementation of certificates of excellence, and we are sure that his experience will be an added value to each of our partners.

Benjamin Kovačević, Software Engineer

Not a single company that has IT and consulting services linked to them can do without an actual electrical engineer.

Benjamin is our coolest member, not only in terms of age but also in terms of philosophy and ideas. He belongs to the "Peter Pan generation", as millennials are also called. He thinks about everything "how to make it simpler and faster", uses new technologies, gets to know people online, and advocates for the liberalization of everything and anything. As such, "out of the box" thinking keeps us always alert to trends and in step with the competition and the market. We are sure that your business will also be a real refresher

Iris Mehanović, Junior Consultant

Completed a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science in 2023. Holds professional-level certification encompassing report design, application development concepts, and the implementation of automated processes to enhance value delivery to both our team and clients. Driven by a passion for introducing innovative perspectives and demonstrating unwavering commitment to projects, with a focus on achieving impactful outcomes.