Our partners

Having the pleasure of being the representatives of JEDOX in the area of the Western Balkans, our clients are internationally dispersed, with different needs and business cultures.

However, as data and science based on data, especially experiential ones, understand all languages, cooperation with our clients from all parts of the world is flawless. In addition to the universal "language of data", our team speaks several world languages, so that communication does not encounter obstacles even in the part of creating a strategic plan and project.

However, we now want to share one local success story. The company Natron Hayat Maglaj is one of the companies that are the lifeblood of the beautiful, central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. "Natronka", as its fellow citizens affectionately call it, is the biggest generator of economic growth in the city of Maglaj, an economic giant that enables the survival of thousands of families in the area for more than 5 decades. Natron is our partner and is a perfect example of how even traditional companies from the manufacturing industry, such as paper and pulp production, can transform their business.


With an innovative approach, new technologies, and trust in young and educated staff, they achieve automation of their processes, better manage production capacities and stocks, organize import and export-related activities, and most importantly, act predictively. They do not wait for the price of important materials to change their management strategy, but they already have a scenario ready in advance, which makes it adaptable and flexible in crises when a decision is needed immediately. United in the use of the best technologies and the full potential of our resources, in cooperation with our partners, we are able to take on large-scale projects.