Platform for budgeting, planning, forecasting and financial consolidation

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What does JEDOX offer?

Jedox is a cloud-based solution that helps companies create additional value for their business!

Jedox is one of the leading software solutions

Jedox is a software solution for managing company performance. It enables planning, analysis, reporting, and process optimization of any company, using data from existing company systems. Whether it is finance, sales, human resources, marketing, or procurement - all business units have a common view of all relevant financial and operational data, however, in reality, these data and reports often differ. JEDOX collects, stores, processes and delivers data creating a "single source of truth", which enables decision-makers at all levels in the company to see the same perspective of the data they are viewing.



What does Jedox do?

We help companies to optimize value creation. Planning, analysis and reporting go hand in hand, i.e. plans are needed to meet objectives. To implement the plans, you need to know your current situation. If you deviate from the plan, you must analyze how the goal can still be achieved. This sounds simple, but in reality, it is often associated with time-consuming and error-prone processes where information from Excel, PDF files, paper reports, pivot tables, and various operating systems are manually combined. Jedox offers an integrated enterprise performance management solution for planning, analysis, and reporting. This enables you to measure, analyze and plan your efficiency and effectiveness - differentiated by business areas, departments, and market segments - in the form of key data and KPIs.

Jedox Suite

Jedox offers a comprehensive solution for presentation, analysis and budgeting in a simple and user-friendly way.

Jedox Architecture

Take advantage of the Jedox multidimensional database that uses the latest "inMemory" technology and the power of the GPU for real-time analytics and low latency and very good responsiveness.

Advanced planning

Preparation of plans, forecasts and budgets; top-down analysis and breakdowns; cooperation; cascade planning system; versions and scenarios.

Jedox Value

Discover how simplicity and ease of use can improve your business. Jedox offers a comprehensive solution for presentation, analysis and budgeting.

Rad sa najboljim dostupnim tehnologijama !

Ukoliko ipak spadate u skupinu kompanija koja su nova u području čime se bave, nemaju dovoljno ekspertize ili na bilo koji način se muče kako donijeti pravu odluku, naši sistemi imaju rješenja i za navedeno. Prikupljajući najnovije trendove i najbolje prakse u industriji, naša rješenja će Vam ponuditi već gotove prijedloge i korake kako biste stigli na određeni cilj.


Collecting data using Excel spreadsheets and relying on isolated solutions is a time-consuming and error-prone process. Jedox offers a unique platform solution for all accounting and financial tasks. Jedox is one of the leading corporate performance management (CPM) and business intelligence (BI) software solutions.

New demands for Finance in the future digital role
Corporate Finance needs to deliver more modern, integrated and online informations to the organisation.

Plan, analyze, report on one integrated EPM platform

If, however, you belong to the group of companies that are new in the field they are dealing with, do not have enough expertise or are struggling in any way to make the right decision, our systems have solutions for the above. By collecting the latest trends and best practices in the industry, our solutions will offer you ready-made suggestions and steps to reach your specific goal.