Healthcare & Pharmacy

If your company operates in the healthcare & pharmaceutical segment, Altinit can help you in the following way.

Jedox facilitates the processes of transformations, mergers of business entities, and sales/purchases and strengthens your ability to provide outstanding care and services. The process of developing a solution and its approval by regulatory agencies is extremely complex and long, but the processes of marketing, payment, and demand are also significantly more complex. There is usually a whole series of intermediaries between the patient and the manufacturer. Doctors prescribe a drug or medical device, pharmacies sell it, and health insurance pays the service providers. Ensuring maximum compatibility of processes and information is necessary, i.e. for planning to be efficient and effective, isolated solutions and isolated data are not an option.

As in any business, both, in healthcare and pharmacy, people are the most important factor. Accurate and timely information enables better management of employees, which achieves a higher level of satisfaction, as well as business standards, creating one version of the truth for all decisions that are made.

An often neglected area for improvement is processes, although the maximum focus is placed on the system of internal controls and quality management. Companies unwittingly duplicate processes instead of shortening them, and often have no idea that they are doing this in practice.

Operational Efficiency: We optimize healthcare processes, from patient management to supply chain logistics, reducing wait times, eliminating bottlenecks, and enhancing overall efficiency.

Compliance & Regulation: Staying compliant with healthcare regulations is non-negotiable. We assist in navigating the complex regulatory landscape, ensuring your operations meet the highest standards.

Innovation Integration: Embracing cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions is the key to staying competitive. Altinit ensures that you're at the forefront of technological advancements, helping you innovate in your production processes.