Enterprise Performance Management

What is Enterprise Performance Management?

EPM is a term used to describe the methods and means required for doing business and typically includes the processes of planning, budgeting, forecasting, modelling, and ultimately performance analysis, and enables organizations to link their strategy with the execution plan. As such, EPM offers 3 main advantages: automation (eliminates errors and time-consuming work), acceleration of business processes, and unification of finances and operations according to business needs.

Being digital is more than technology, a radical change in business DNA, analysis of client needs, innovation, new tech-how, and modalities of delivery of products and services. If nothing else, COVID has clearly shown us the importance and necessity of technology.
That is why the key challenge is the transformation of the entire business environment continuously, in order to meet new business requirements.
Our experience in several industries means only one thing, we understand and will help you understand how to meet the demands and expectations of your customers.

We use our accumulated knowledge in the field of the IT industry, economics, and management to provide you with fast, simple, and effective solutions that will raise your business activities to a completely new level.
Not only were we able to achieve enviable business results through professional training, but through continuous investment in development and new technologies we were able to form strategic partnerships with JEDOX, CISCO, SAP, and other relevant partners.
With our knowledge, experience, and wide network of associates, we will be happy to be a partner on the path to the successful transformation of your business.



AltinIT as a JEDOX partner enables you to achieve the best results!

Effective and efficient EPM means much more than just planning, analyzing, and reporting financial indicators. Solutions that are focused solely on the support of the financial department, in the present time, are simply not enough. By connecting the system from the operational processes of all departments, marketing, sales, and procurement to human resources, a unique approach can be achieved throughout the entire organization, within which each manager, at any moment, can analyze the most important KPI sizes and accordingly react and bring the correct business decisions. This is where Jedox comes in, a tool that provides an integrated EPM solution for planning, analysis, and reporting and enables one to measure, analyze and plan one's efficiency and effectiveness. It is Jedox that brings the necessary flexibility and uniqueness to achieve this.

Why Choose Altinit for EPM?

With Altinit as your EPM partner, you're not just investing in a service; you're investing in your future success. We combine cutting-edge technology, industry expertise, and a commitment to your organization's growth.

Expert Guidance: Our team of EPM experts doesn't just advise from afar; we roll up our sleeves and work side by side with your team. We're committed to your success as if it were our own.

Results-Driven: At Altinit, we measure our success by your success. Our EPM solutions are results-driven, ensuring that you see tangible improvements in your organization's performance.